Apr 04 2024

A "now page" answers the question, "what's Nikki up to these days?"


I'm currently living in Issaquah, WA with Jonathan and our furry 3-year-old, Ume. We're surrounded by great friends and lots of nature. It's finally spring, which means I'm trying to get out in the sun as much as possible and going on more afternoon runs.


I've been spending more time writing and journaling. The journaling is specifically focused on gratitude. It's been a really peaceful way to start and end the day.


I haven't been watching a lot of TV lately, but I did see a few episodes of a new show called Shogun that my husband had on. I love anything in Japanese!


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about travel and health. Jonathan and I are going to Jordan later this year and we're trying out eating more vegetarian foods.


I've been continuing to enhance my web development skills by building projects in Next.js. Wow, it's a powerful framework! I'm looking forward to using some of the newer capabilities, like partial prerendering.


I'm reading two books right now; one about Mindfulness for Adult ADHD and the other is called The Belief Equation by Dr. Peter Salerno.


I just started working for Vercel as a Staff Field Enablement Engineer and I could not be more thrilled!